Branding & Design

A strong brand identity will help you articulate your value proposition to your customers more effectively. We have one of the most talented branding & marketing teams in Canada to help you take your brand to the next level.

Put your stamp on people lives

People are loyal to brands they identify with, and will even pay more for a brand that speaks to them. Our team of designers, illustrators, content strategists, and marketing professionals can help you with everything from logo design and brand guideline design to packaging, print collateral, environmental branding and everything in between. Put our expertise to work for your organization and get ready to see your brand in a brand new light

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Logo Design


Your logo is often the first connection people make with your brand, so it’s critical you make your next first impression count. In our experience, there really isn’t some secret formula for creating the perfect logo; it takes research, creative thinking, and a solid understanding of a brand’s value proposition. That’s why we employ branding experts with decades of combined experience. Web3 can do a lot more than build great websites, so let’s have a chat about your brand to

Brand Development

Memorable branding is at the heart of every successful advertising campaign. But, in order for your brand to be memorable, it must also be consistent. Our branding team can help you achieve that through a brand guideline. This document will outline everything about your brand, including colors, fonts and other characteristics. A brand guideline will also ensure brand consistency down the road – a constellation by which customers can always return to you, even as your business grows and evolves.

facebook, social network, network-76532.jpg
facebook, social network, network-76532.jpg

Print Design

Keeping visuals consistent across all of your marketing media is essential to developing a strong identity for your brand. Our designers are experienced in helping brands translate their identifying visual components onto fleet vehicle wraps, posters, brochures, business cards, product managing and much more.